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Casa Apicii

Casa Apicii is an Italian restaurant set in the garden level of a historic 19th century Greenwich Village townhouse serving Chef Casey Lane’s seasonal cooking. Lane, also the chef-owner of The Tasting Kitchen –a Los Angeles staple– offers a menu rooted in fresh pasta and seasonal vegetable dishes in the genial, lived-in setting of a well-appointed neighborhood restaurant.

"An all-star team."
– New York Magazine

"You can experience the neighborhood’s decadent interiors at the newly opened Casa Apicii."
– InStyle

About Us

Greenwich Village

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Casa Apicii continues 62 West 9th Street’s 100-year-long history as a food and drink establishment under its dramatic, cupola-crowned atrium dining room. Chef Lane and his two New York-based partners, Tom Dillon and Bernard Schwartz, refinished the interiors with curated modern and vintage decorative elements in an effort to maintain the classic kemptness of this historic Greenwich Village townhouse.`

"HEATMAP: Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now."
– Eater New York